because WE can totally make that!


Avoid men that would catch a grenade for you

Good thing some of these love songs have a good beat. because really?? I would never want someone to catch a Grenade for me, because that just poses a lot of questions. 1st why are we anywhere near a grenade? (like what have you got me into now) and 2nd do you have a death wish? we should be running not trying to catch anything ( lack of common sense ) & 3rd what kind of Thank you note to send for that?  Not to mention the fact he then criticizes her for not being as foolish as him.  My advise for Grenade Boy is "boy, she's just not that into you."     Maybe his next song should be..I would clean a bathroom for you. That's true love!! 
P.S. Honey, I cleaned the Bathroom for you. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!


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Not sure if it is an ego issue or self-reliance, but everything we see we always look at each other and say "we can totally make that." Whether we should or need to is another story. In a quest to avoid our mundane life of what we ought to do and sometimes need to do, we instead, create. Let's just say this isn't your typical crafters web site. It's a glimpse into our krazy random life. ( yes, there is a difference between Crazy and Krazy. We are occasionally both. )
Brace yourself ! If you are looking for cutesy and heartwarming I suggest you move along. This site may not be for you. We only speak the truth. We can make something out of nothing, and...we are darn funny doing it. If you don't find any humor at one point or another...then you may take a few reflective days to evaluate yourself. Because 'Houston there is a problem' and it's not US it is clearly YOU.
Life is funny. Laugh at it.