because WE can totally make that!


Marriage and crafting vs. oil and water

This is how most conversations go with my husband

ME: So what are you going to do with that ______(insert : peg board, shelving, old bolt bin, etc. in this case... old ugly invoice drawer thingy) Always of course using the tone of complete disinterest and never giving it a proper name. This degrades item to complete uselessness.

HIM: I didn’t need it for anything, but I was just sure you being a creative genius could do something amazing with it. Let me pack that up for you.

ok, ok, I promised to be real. My husband is wonderful, but not a saint.

Him: Probably take it to the dump. Why?

ME: I was just thinking if I painted it, it might work for my _______ (let’s say stamps in this case, really it doesn’t matter I think he is still trying to figure out what half my crafting “junk” is, and maybe I am too.)

HIM: You can’t paint real wood. It ruins it.

ME: Opposed to throwing it away?

HIM: (deep sigh) I will bring it home tonight.

ME: Thank you :)

WOOHOO!! Point goes to team Wife.

Crap! now what am I going to do with it???

First, prime cabinet and drawers. Second, paint your favorite color.

Third, white wash(mix white paint. glaze, & water). Fourth, think how to jazz it up more.

Fifth, Mod Podge scrapbook paper on drawer fronts. Then, glue coordinating ribbon on drawer pulls, and adhere drawer pulls to the drawers. Finally, put it to good use.