because WE can totally make that!


There is a thief among us

I am consistently getting my lists stolen. ‘To do list’, ‘Grocery list’, ‘Chore list’ etc..etc...You name it. If I write it; someone steals it. Around midnight last night I attempted to gather my to do lists that had yet to make it on the to done list, guessed it. STOLEN! ugh! Again!? I decided to fore go calling and reporting it to local authorities. (They clearly had yet to catch the ‘list thief’. Between us, I think they may have been a little nervous going after a criminal so brazen.) As I began to inventory what needed done for the up coming week I decided to put it on something that could not be lost stolen. I have been planning on making a very large version of this for my wall in the mud room, but clearly needed something now. I also think these would make for a cute inexpensive gift for teachers since we are embarking on the end of another school year.




Materials needed:

* picture frame

* paper big enough to fit inside frame

( you could also use material.

I am using a piece of wrapping paper)

* scissors

* tape

* Dry erase marker

1. Begin with a picture frame. New or used frame with glass not

plasitic. (dry erase marker doesn’t come off plastic very well)

2. After taking frame apart, cut paper to fit matte board. Then cover one side of board and tape down to hold paper in place

( If your paper has a busy pattern, you may want to cut a solid color and tape it where you will be writing most. Otherwise, it will be difficult to read.)

3. Put frame back together and start writing.