because WE can totally make that!


Family Treasure

Transform a clearance metal frame into a personal

Family Treasure.

I feel fortunate to have such a fun picture of my grandparents. I have always treasured this picture, and every time I walk past it I smile. Not to mention it was fast and easy to make. I first converted photo into black and white and had it printed into a 12x12. I then found a rub on that I liked. ( seize the Moment ) and rubbed it on to the bottom right hand corner. Making sure your lettering will stand out on the photo enough to be seen, but not over-shadow your photo. I then aged around the photo with ink and used glue dots to adhere it to frame. People always think it is just a decor piece that I purchased, and are surprised when I tell them it is my grandparents.





No this blog has not been wrecklessly abandoned.

No, we have not retired from creating messes masterpieces.

It has, unfortunately, been out prioritized by our insanely busy lives. To be honest... we are usually playing around too much and forget to take pictures and exact measurements to post for clear instructions, and if I must be really honest...... Robyn has had to do a crafting intervention bringing direct (and slightly uncomfortable, may I add ) attention to my crafting ADD. Apparently, I don’t finish projects before I start a new one or two ok three or four...etc. etc. We have managed here and there to make some fun stuff just waiting to be blogged about. If we can both stay home long enough to do it. We have really dropped our blog ball since we came home from Alaska. The think tank was overflowing, kinda like our bladder after a Sonic Route 44 and a 5 hr drive. Yes, it was that full. Since then, Rob has made numerous trips to St. George, Logan, and California, and I have managed rack up some serious air and road miles going to Chicago, New York, Toronto, and am now driving home from California. I figured I could make good use of 30 hours in the car over the weekend.

Never fear !!! We will be back with a crafting vengeance so PLEASE don’t unfollow us.